The Matt Coplon Interview!

8 Aug

Well I figured it was time for us to have an Interview with a close friend to a lot of us here at Rbl. Matt Coplon is an awesome guy and always down for a good time. His willingness to help out people when they need it and just be a fun person is what makes him stand out to me. I’m glad to be able to call Matt my friend and hopefully this interview will give you more of an outlook on him and what he is about!

About me:
I’m a 35 year old young man. I work at Profile/Madera handling in-house sales, the freestyle team, and promotions. I love to read non-fiction. I love to write ( I help with a local bmx blog ( I love my ol’ bird (Ariel Gunn). I love my cat. And I really love riding bikes with my friends.
Be kind to others and they will be kind to you.

Mike Hinkens asks:

1. You have a pretty busy life, but sometimes you just chill. What
else do you do besides BMX and Music?

I don’t chill. Ha! I’ll chill enough when I’m dead.
Reading and writing mostly. I’m usually head first in a book or in between the three magazine subscriptions that I have delivered to the house monthly. I post away at and contribute two writings a month to The Boredom Diaries ( Just bought a camera so I’ve been filming and learning how to shoot photos.
I can’t sit idle. I think there is something wrong with me.

2. You have a college degree. What is it in and what do you do with it?

I have a Bachelor’s in English Lit. and a minor in writing. I started two separate Masters in both English and Florida Studies. However, everytime I re-start a degree I end up going on a roadtrip somewhere and lose motivation. Got to cure that travel bug. Paul Theroux is my new idol. Got to get into his groove.
As far as what I do with it? Communicate as properly as possible as well as maintain a critical perspective on life…Engrossing yourself in Literature opens up the minds eye. You start to think about things a lot more but you just have to make sure your brain doesn’t explode. Life is hard and people just make it harder. Humans are crazy. Literature is like a pain pill.

3. Can you tell us a bit about your two roommates: your wife and matt jr. ??

My wife is awesome. She’s put up with me for 13 years. No joke. No exaggeration. I’m nuts.
She’s in the other room working her second job (The University of Florida’s Under Graduate Journal). It’s 11pm at night. We’re both work-a-holics.
Matt Jr. has a name: “Master Marmalade.” He’s a white and orange cat. He’s a huge butthole that chews up all of our chords. But I love him.

4. Do you like animals more than people? Tell us about your neighborhood cats.

Not more but equal. I catch myself saving ants now a days. I caught two moths at Woodward this week and moved them to safety. I think I practice Jainism indirectly.
As far as our outdoor cats, we have a colony five deep. It’s run by a little lady named “Grey Ghost.” She’s nuts. Tiny. She beats up all the other cats that come near our house.

5. What does straight edge mean to you?

Its a personal choice.
Something that is not for everyone.
Something that you keep to yourself.
It means getting pulled over by a cop for drunk driving.
Then telling him I don’t even know what alcohol tastes like so It’s not possible that I was driving drunk.
Then him telling me that I’m a liar.

I just read an article on Bruce Springsteen. In an interview with Steve Van Zandt (his guitarist), he says “You go through the phase of drugs and drinking, and if you get through it you see that all the rewards are in longevity. Longevity is more fun then the drugs.”
I agree. I don’t regret the 35 years I’ve abstained.

August Zeratsky asks:

1. What bands did you grow up listening to?

Mostly early 80’s punk. Black Flag. Minor threat. DRI.
Then I got heavy into SXE hardcore. Then into DIY punk/hardcore in the mid 90’s.
Now all I listen to is the Sisters of Mercy. I would really love to be goth but I’m too embarrassed to wear eyeliner.

2. How’s the Florida scene been treating you? It seems like you’re
always out riding with friends, which is cool to see.

Its great. Hot and humid but great. We usually meet up all day Sundays and two to three days a week after work. I owe a lot to my friends…they keep me motivated to ride. Its funny, the older I get the more I’m motivated by architecture. I love old, beaten up buildings. Love wall riding them, finding a curb cut to jump off near them, etc…I have this weird affinity to stone masonry. Not to be confused with the Mason’s and their conspiracy theories.

3. I’ve noticed that you’re super good at barspinning things, how did
that talent come about?

Ha! Thanks August! I cheated. I learned them in 93’ or 94’ when my seat was as high if not higher than my bars. I just clamped my knees and threw em.’ Somehow that translated into them working as my seat was lowered.

4. Any trips to the Midwest soon??

I hope so. Maybe this winter. Would love to come stay with Hinkens and Grant again. Love the scene up there. Love 4 Seasons. Love Nate Westerdahl. Too many laughs!

Jeremy Barger asks:

1. Who was the first person that got you into straight edge, and being vegan?

My Grandma. She chain smoked and drank every afternoon. I was afraid that she would get mad at me if I followed in her footsteps. So I abstained out of fear of her. Then in 1990 I heard “straight edge” by minor threat and I was sold!
Veganism came after seeing the factory farming in the movie faces of death. That afternoon I cut all meat out, cold turkey. Except for pork rinds. I thought they were made out of corn.

2. Is it true, that you once almost got into a fight with the band Earth Crisis?

Yes. They were were mad because I was more vegan straight edge than them. Ha!
Actually, we went to their show dressed as the village people. They’re a bunch of homophobes. They couldn’t handle my construction worker costume.

Andy Eineichner asks:

1. if you had the chance to be Shaq, or Magic Johnson, who would you
pick and why?

The littler of the two. Its too expensive to be a big ass dude and you tend to live a shorter life. Its like the great dane versus the chihuahua. Which one is more like the chihuahua?

Deljon Willis asks:

1. Im wondering what is your favorite milk and cereal combination?

Count chocula in almond milk. It is THE goth cereal.

2. Take us through a day in the life of Coplon.

I’ll give you a week day:
-Wake up at 5:10am, eat breakfast, feed my cats and haul ass out the door.
-Start work at 6:30. Make coffee. Answer emails, compile news for Grant C. and Mulville to post, and work on promo projects.
-Build promo orders until noon
-Eat two burritos and read from noon until 1pm
-Take orders, build orders, and chat on the phone with riders and customers until 4pm.
-Drive 33 miles back to Tampa to meet up with Bald Matt, Mike Neely, and Scott Ehlert to ride street.
-8pm: eat, chill with my babe, write, post news on TBR, read, fall asleep, repeat!

3. How long have you been riding bmx and what keeps your love for the
lifestyle alive?

22 years. My friends are what motivate me to ride. That and I truly find solace in the act of pedalling.

4. We all love root beer so out of curiosity what is your favorite kind?

IBC. A 32 ounce. Cold. In a paper bag.

5. If there was a zombie apocalypse (which may happen soon due to bath
salts) what would your survival tactics be?

Somehow resurrect Ken Kesey and the electric acid cool-aid test.
Create a new acid that would convert all the zombies back into flower children from the 60’s.
The world would revert back to free love, body odor, untamed body hair, and world peace driven by the lost ululations of the late Jimmy Hendrix.

Erik Elstran asks:

1) What do you feel you can do as an individual against global warming?

Ah! I got this question while laying in Bud’s Barn at Woodward. Upon staying there,

I tried to take as short a shower as possible (for excessive use of water, especially hot water), kept only one light on at a time, and turned off the A/C every time I left the room. I do the same here at the house. Every form of electricity pollutes the earth…I do my best to abstain as much as possible.
I recycle everything and re-use as much as I can. I just put up a reed fence using twist ties from old sandwich bags. I hate bags too. Absolutely hate them. They actually really make me angry. The ones I do suffer holding onto are turned into cat litter garbage bags for Master Marmalade.
Where I’m guilty: I commute 66 miles to work. My only saving grace: I carpool with a friend. It sucks…I’m just as guilty as everyone else in the long run.

Jeff Klugiewicz asks:

1.What’s your fascination with trees?

They maintain H2O levels…how can you not like them? They’re the largest living creatures on earth. Ariel and I leave this Friday for Northern California just to go see

the coastal redwoods. I cant wait! I will be hugging those trees. No joke.

2.How many cups of coffee a day? What’s your favorite coffee shop?

4! Solid! With vanilla soy creamer.
Karma Kream in Gainesville, Florida. The best! Soy creamer on tap and agave at your disposal.

I would like to Thank everyone who took the time out of their day to read this! And as always from us at Rootbeerlife Stay Fresh!

Photo Credit: Scott Ehlert, Matt Arnold, Sean Albright, Mike Neely and Jeff Klugiewicz.

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